Mr. Ajay Kr. Das


Message from Chairman

Dear Students/Parents
Warmly welcome to Cobass.
It is matter of admiration that our college (COBASS) has been making progress successfully since its inspection under the active and tactful supervision of its all the associated members and occupying its position among top ten +2 colleges of the country.

It is through the fathomless endeavor made by all the renowned teachers, lecturers and professors of different subjects that we have been able to uplift its standard through quality education and provide smooth and continuous management, by keeping a purely academic environment. Being under umbrella of the brotherhood, we all, are committed to make untiring efforts from our respective levels and facilitate in the operation of the college in order that students being taught here may develop their confidence in life & reach the culmination of success in the days to come.

We have introduced various other programmes related to sports, academic contests & preparation for medical and engineering studies with a view to enhancing their knowledge and confidence in life.
Tam entirely pleased and hopeful that all S.E.E. graduates will be interested in joining our college and flourishing their immence potentialities for their career building.
Ajay Kumar Das